2024 Conference Agenda

2-Day Conference
Thurs & Fri, April 25-26

The full program of research presentations, workshops, lightning talks, discussions, panels and plenaries.

PLUS: Join us Wednesday night for Followership Storytelling, and Thursday night for a Special Reception. Sign up when you register.

TABLE FOR 8: £995

1-Day Organizational Practitioner Track

Friday, April 26

UPDATE: This programming has now been re-organized across the two days of the conference. You may still register for Friday only.

1-DAY ONLY: £145
TABLE FOR 8: £995

Bonus Master Class
Saturday, April 27

Stay an extra day and get world-class training from global experts on integrated followership and leadership education. 

PLUS: An open Q&A Lunch Discussion where you can get your questions answered about how to approach specific challenges in your work or your organization.


Featured Presenters

Ira Chaleff

Recently the keynote speaker for the British Army’s annual leadership conference, Ira is renowned for his landmark book, The Courageous Follower.

Ira will introduce his new book, To Stop a Tyrant, coming Fall 2024, and help inspire principled actions each of us can take when a proto-tyrant threatens our values.

Dr. Marc Hurwitz & Samantha Hurwitz

Exemplifying a Generative Partnership (they co-created The Generative Partnership Model!), Marc and Sam are known for their engaging, “pracademic” sessions.

Having taught followership with leadership for nearly two decades, Marc and Samantha will share insights from the latest research along with many practical takeaways for both personal and organizational effectiveness.

Dr. Wendy M. Edmonds

A captivating storyteller, Wendy was the first researcher to conduct focus group studies with survivors of the 1978 Jonestown Massacre, culminating in her gripping book, InToxicating Followership.

Sadly many of us have - or are still - experiencing toxicity in our workplaces or communities. Wendy will create space for sharing, healing, and helping us see our personal agency and power with fresh eyes.

Dr. Jane Bentley

Jane is a drummer, facilitator, consultant and trainer from Glasgow specializing in music in communication, health and wellbeing settings.

She will share an embodied experience of her musical interaction research, which highlights the concept of mutual 'tuning in': the ability to follow with increasing degrees of awareness and mutuality.

Christian Monö

Christian Monö, a Swedish followership expert, has studied “natural followership” and “collaborationship” for almost two decades in both practice and theory. His clients include universities, corporations, and the Swedish Army.

Join Chris in an interactive session to explore the benefits and challenges of implementing natural followership in today’s workplace.

Dr. Ruth Sims

Ruth is a strategic advisor and communications and project management specialist who combines academic insight with professional savvy to help organisations explore how effective followership can improve workplace relationships and outcomes.

She will share findings from her PhD research on how leaders and followers achieve success together, with a focus on effective followership behaviours.

Basil Read

An innovative educator, Basil brings unique insights from his work in the military, Federal government and academia to the teaching of followership.

Basil will discuss how one Federal agency rocketed from near bottom to being the best place to work in the government in part by incorporating followership in its culture change initiative.

Debra Finlayson and Julie Newman

Senior HR Professionals and Educators, Julie and Debra are joining together to present how to build a case for integrating followership skills into organizations.

They will share how to propose, design and implement leadership/ followership programs to enhance organizational outcomes. 

Langley Sharp

Former head of the Centre for Army Leadership and author of The Habit of Excellence, Langley also wrote the first Army Doctrine Note on Followership in 2023.

He shares insights around followership in a military service context and the critical role followers play in high performance teams. He also exposes the British Army’s renewed vigour in nurturing responsible followership to remain competitive in today’s volatile world.

Tim Hurson

International best-selling author (Think Better & Never Be Closing) and professional speaker, Tim is a world-class storyteller and creator.

Tim will teach us storytelling techniques that will help us connect better, help others connect the dots better and open the door to deeper, swifter conversations.

Sharna Fabiano

Internationally recognized Tango artist and author of Lead & Follow, Sharna teaches precise and effective leading and following skills from the ballroom to the boardroom.

Through playful movement exercises, Sharna invites us into an embodied experience of leading and following that consistently produces memorable epiphanies and a-ha moments!

Wajeeha Ghias

A dynamic and compassionate educator and researcher, Wajeeha was awarded the Global Followership Conference Award 2023 for advancing the teaching, practice, and scholarship of followership in Pakistan.

Her facilitated session will blend Eastern poetry with Courageous Followership theory to explore a diverse and culturally enriching understanding of good followership development.

Dr. Maike Kugler

A passionate people and team developer in both higher education and applied contexts, Maike incorporates followership in her research and work as a lecturer and business coach.

Maike will foster thoughts around the informal role of followership, highlighting the outcomes of follower behavior for individuals and organizations, as well as its significance.

David Scott

A followership advocate for 30 years and counting, David has held senior positions in both industry and the Army Reserve and currently researches burning "pracademic" followership questions at the University of Strathclyde.

David will lead a discussion on how a volunteer student group can use the principles of Followership to become a best-practice advocacy body for their parent institution's aims and objectives.

Lindsay Yarbrough Burr

An engaging facilitator and Polarity ThinkingTM Master Trainer, Lindsay brings a depth of knowledge and a global perspective that supports seeing the known in a new way.

Lindsay will unpack the key concepts of Polarity Thinking and change how you think about leadership and followership forever. Come away with a fresh perspective and toolset for greater inclusivity and impact.

Dr. Yulia Tolstikov-Mast

An award-winning international scholar and educator, Yulia was the first to articulate the concepts of global follower and followership and to advocate for culturally unique approaches to followership. 

She will lead a workshop on context and language in international followership studies; and a discussion about global followership as a force for global change.

Ahmad Salih

An internationally distinguished course designer, digital business strategist, coach and author of Digital Leadership, Salih is globally ranked among the top 25 thinkers in leadership, cultural influence, and change management.

His session uses principles of Aikido martial art practice to explore ways of improving decision-making in business environments.