Thank you for an incredible 2023 Global Followership Conference

Held March 24-26, 2023
Hosted by Christopher Newport University
Newport News, VA, USA

2023 Conference Co-Chairs

Lacey Grey Hunter

Director, President's Leadership Program, Christopher Newport University

Lori Throupe

Instructor of Leadership Studies & Faculty Director of Academic Success, Christopher Newport University

2023 Session List

Alternative Perspectives: Followership from Non-Western and Minority Perspectives

Followership and 86 Shared Leadership Behaviors: It’s All About the Behaviors

Primacy: In Democracies and the Fight to Save Our One Shared Planet, Followers Must Take the Lead

Followership, Leadership, and Collaboration: How Competent Followers, Develop Effective Leaders in the Educational Setting

Changing Leader Attitudes on Followership

Followership and the Art of Storytelling: The Alchemy of Transformation

Followership and Gender

The Implications of Shifting to Leadership and Followership as Systems: Leader + Follower + Organizational Context + Common Purpose

At the core of followership is personhood – We start there

The Followership Ally: How Allyship is Strengthened by Followership Theory

Fee for Followership? The Age of Following an Influencer

Followership and...Design

Followership and Discourse(s) Over Time

Followership in Non-Western Cultures

Relational Ontology - A Philosophical Foundation for The Leader/Follower Dynamic

Rethinking Organizational Followership Development as Part of Human Resources Strategies

Followership has Two Faces: Exploring the Lived Experience of Followers in Cross-Cultural Teams

Putting Followers First: Courageous Followership and Empowering Leadership- Role of Power Distance

Let’s Talk Followership: Stories of Black Women, Legacy, and Strength

Followership Education: Main Event or Side Show in Leadership Education?

Followership and Leadership Applied in the Complex Adaptive Global Environment

Followership, Ethics, and Social Movements

Global Followership: What We Know and Where Should We Go?

Charles Sanders Peirce on the Study of Great Men: A Course in Logic

Why Do Team Players Cheat? The Complex Interplay Among Organizational Identification, Moral Disengagement, and Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior

Global Followers’ Identities and Their Influence on the Leadership Process: A Phenomenological Study

Enhancing the Culture of Followership Among Youths: The Case of Teens and Youths in Leadership (TYIL) in Nigeria

Followership and Talent Management Using Information Technology

The Secret Sauce for Rapid Disruptive Change: A Case Study of Millennial Leadership & Multigenerational Followership in Dynamic Relationships

Rethinking Organizational Followership Development as Part of Human Resources Strategies

Autonomous or Indentured Servant? A Descriptive Analysis of The Symbology of Student-Athlete Followership Among Student-Athletes In National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Institutions

The Secret Sauce for Rapid Disruptive Change: A Case Study of Millennial Leadership & Multigenerational Followership in Dynamic Relationships

Followership and Ethics

The Relationship between Social Skills and Attitudes and Folllowership Styles

Improvisational Techniques for Leadership and Followership Learning

Increasing the Capacity of Leadership Educators to Teach Followership

How to Introduce Followership to a New Group of People: A Practitioner and Instructor Guide

Followership and Cultural Humility are Essential Practices for Healthcare Professionals

The Six “I” Model and Followership as Tools to Identify and Respond to Poor Leaders

Letters to Leaders: A Followership-Centric Diagnostic Process

Followership and…Critical Thinking

Designing Followership Research Across Cultures and Societies: Commitment to Integrity

Mediating Emotions: Expanding the Followership Typology

Servant Followership

How Primary School Teachers of English in Kenya Construct Their Followership Identity

A Proposal for Compassionate Leadership Theory: Linking Followership and Leadership

Obedience in Followership: Phenomenological research to increase the understanding of obedience in followers

Followership In the Service Industry: Research Constructs and Lived Experiences Juxtaposed

Followership Responses And… Leadership Behaviors in Global Contexts: Toward the Development of a Relational-Based Followership Typology

Followership And… Leadership in Global Contexts: How individuals Lead and Follow in Different Cultures

2023 Conference Team


Lacey Grey Hunter, Conference Co-Chair
Lori Throupe, Conference Co-Chair
Emma Rieco, Logistics Lead
Ira Chaleff
Wendy M. Edmonds
Sharna Fabiano, Marketing Co-Chair
Marc Hurwitz, Programming Co-Chair
Samantha Hurwitz
Dan Jenkins, Programming Co-Chair

Lacey Grey Hunter, Co-Chair
Lori Throupe, Co-Chair
Emma Rieco, Logistics Lead


Sharna Fabiano, Co-Chair
Brian Rook, Co-Chair
Samantha Hurwitz
Eric Kaufman
Amanda Wilfong, CNU student intern


Marc Hurwitz, Co-Chair
Dan Jenkins, Co-Chair
Kat Callahan
Stephanie Gresh
Abdurrahim Hocagil
Rachael Thompson


Nana Arthur-Mensah

Gary C Crutchfield

Robert J. Cruz

Dr. Tiffanie Dillard

William Donaldson

Chris Fuzie, Ed.D.

Wajeeha Ghias

Doris Adams Hill

Allen-Christopher Hubbard

Marc Hurwitz

Eric K Kaufman

Greg Malone

Tony Middlebrooks

David Ofumbi

Jim Payne

David Scott

Lynn Shollen

Dr. Anton Shufutinsky

Hannah Sims

Dr. Lewis Steinhoff

Jennifer Strong

Donald Williams

Tobey Zimber