What's Followership and why does it matter?

Are you concerned about developing strong leaders? About retention, engagement, succession planning, high performance and a healthy organizational culture?

Can stronger followership help your organization? Does everyone know how to follow well? (Are your followership skills under-recognized?)

Consider that the act of following an idea, a mission, or another person is a choice, not a job description. It’s actually the under-recognized force that powers the teams, organizations, and movements that shape the world we live in. And it’s a nimble set of skills that can be learned!

This is essential 21st-century knowledge for all leaders and innovators who want sustainable, resilient, thriving companies and communities, including:

  • Business Leaders

  • New Managers

  • Senior Leadership Teams

  • Emerging and Future Leaders

  • Not-for-Profit Leaders

  • Chief People Officers

  • HR Professionals

  • Organizational Development Professionals

  • Learning & Development Professionals

  • Leadership Coaches & Consultants

  • Talent Development Execs

  • Development Managers

  • Armed Forces Officers

  • Board Members

  • Social Philanthropists

The future is collaborative. We need everyone to both lead and follow well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Photos courtesy Christopher Newport University, host of the 2023 Global Followership Conference.

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